"Sarah has worked with myself and my family in removing trapped emotions from our Heart Wall and what an amazing experience it was.The sessions were held by proxy and Sarah connected with each of us after guiding us through what she was going to do in her beautiful caring and considerate manner. At each stage, Sarah messaged or we spoke on the phone to ask further questions or share what she had connected to and even though I work intuitively myself, I’m always mind blown how spot on connections to past experiences, ages and even lives that show up with this work. Myself, my partner and my daughter were all able to identify with what Sarah had connected to and definitely felt and experienced shifts individually as a result of these sessions, both physically and emotionally, even our communication and expression with each other has seemed more open, trusting and compassionate.We all look forward to working with Sarah more as things come up for us and Thank You Sarah for supporting us on our journey. You are Awesome."

C. Kelly

"Shortly afterward I felt lighter in mind and body. A more positive energy! 

The chest felt bigger as if more air could be accommodated. I felt cleansed as tensions eased and was amazed like a miracle. Less nervousness, greater calmness and confidence in myself, am taken by the whole treatment. It suited me so well..
The body really responded and it's hard to understand what happened!
I am open to different teachings and different treatments but I have never felt anything so powerful in my body before"

E. Hansson-Boe

"Sarah is incredibly empathic and her sense of wanting the best for you is clear. 
My emotion code sessions with Sarah were to help me overcome feelings of fear and panic due to an exam where I had to work with a client in front of a group of my teachers and peers. 
It's fascinating to go through the process, the way Sarah takes you through an EC session, you are much more involved, so you feel you are part of your own healing process which is very powerful and empowering.
Sarah also went over and above what I expected. On the day of my exam she did a distant EC session (meaning I was not present). Walking into the exam I felt very present, calm and confident and I passed it without freezing from panic. 
I would not hesitate in recommending Sarah, both in her work as an EC practitioner or as a Somatic Movement  Educator"

L. Underwood CCSE

"A week or so on now, my goodness what a difference I feel.

The biggest shift is a “can do” attitude. Before I would shut myself down before I tried, or I wouldn’t have the mental energy to even “go there”. I may have really wanted to do things in the past, but always felt exhausted before I even started. Now I have the energy+desire = action.

I am so pleased and excited. I bought the book and am half way through. 

I will let all of this new energy settle for another few weeks because I feel that there are a few more “downloads” waiting for me to catch up with. I’m not forcing it, just being gentle with myself.

I will contact you in time to have another session as this was so productive. Thanks so much"

M. Draper

"Sarah has been working with myself and my little boy for the past 2 years. Whilst for us there was no sudden impact, as I know there can be for many others... We noticed small and continual shifts over time, until we then looked back at where we were and realised that those changes had become hugely significant. Sarah is fantastic at what she does and is very clued up on a lot of things! We love working with her and look forward to working with her for many years to come"

M. Kamali

"I have so enjoyed my time with Sarah and value the work we have done very highly. Probably the most outstanding aspect of the work is the simplicity and how effective it is. As an example I have been aware of an aspect of myself for years and worked to let go of it for a long time. Doing the Emotion Code i learned that it's not mine its inherited which made perfect sense and since that realisation and clearing its gone which is quite amazing. I now feel so free from something that's been with me all my life."

J. Sandy

"I have found it hugely helpful, like joining up the dots and making connections into the previously unknown, I feel more personally whole yet also part of the collective of infinity as well. Thank you for giving the gift of these sessions."


"I didn’t really know anything about the emotion code before a session with Sarah and although a little sceptical, I’m open minded and intrigued to learn, so gave it a try. I found that what Sarah connected with when asking about my Heart Wall, was accurate in both the ages she mentioned about times in my life where I may have created a Heart wall and the emotions I experienced at the time. I was really surprised at how accurate it was and would definitely do it again. Thank You."

N. Jeneway

"I had my sessions with Sarah by proxy and after explaining how the session would work, she connected with my higher self and found that I had a Heart wall. I had been feeling sad about certain things for a while and during the session she asked questions that connected with times in my life where the heart wall had been created to protect myself. I felt a real sense of relief afterwards and had a better understanding of how some of the things I’m feeling now may be more to do with something that has happened in my past. Thank You Sarah, I’m on my way to healing my inner child and knocking down my heart wall!"

K. Kelly

"I met Sarah through her other passion – Somatics, so I trusted her when she suggested I might benefit from Emotion Coding. What is that?, I thought. I was excited when I heard it was about releasing trapped emotion and trauma, as let’s face it, who does not have at least a few experiences in life that led them to holding on to difficult emotions, rather than releasing them?!  

I was hooked from the first session. Sarah is such a kind, caring and compassionate person, who helped me to relax into the process from the beginning. Every session was different, as we worked our way through many trapped emotions. Some emotions that came up surprised me, whereas others made perfect sense to me. Either way, I felt relaxed and more at ease by the time we finished each and every session. The real benefits, however, I felt a few days after. Without fail, I noticed that things that would have bothered me before the session, no longer had a huge impact on me. I felt lighter, happier and emotionally more resilient.  

If you want to let go of some of your emotional baggage too, what are you waiting for? I wholeheartedly recommend Sarah’s Emotion Coding sessions."

S. Lehmann

"I was having problems with shaking off memories of unpleasant things that had happened during my life,  including people-inflicted things, mean words, actions etc. Lovely  Sarah offered me the opportunity to try Magnetic Therapy. I  was  a little sceptical as the experience would be over Zoom.  I was also a bit nervous about whether I would  be ok with the procedure. Sarah was great she patiently went through the procedure, explaining everything. Sarah, through the magnetic therapy,  identified the areas of concerns, and also things from way back in my life, which could also be contributing to the overall  way that I was feeling. 

I was amazed. I felt so much better after the treatment. I no longer wake up with those bad memories instantly in my head. I can't thank you enough Sarah. I highly recommend Sarah and the Magnetic Therapy."

L. Davies