I have had a very traumatic life in my early years and then I was adopted by a very loving father and not so keen mother. My life has been mostly isolated and mistrusting.

I contacted Sarah after hearing Dr Bradley Nelson’s interview about Emotion Code on YouTube. My intention was to get some help with my issues, most of which were the result of my childhood. I thought that clearing trapped emotions would help.

Initially I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to do the emotional clearing but Sarah was brilliant, she knew what was needed and soon put me at ease. We started Clearing the trapped emotions between the ages of zero and five and got through a lot of emotions in the first session. I was amazed how easy the process was.

Over many weeks we cleared emotions absorbed from a sibling when I was aged just one years old, lots of inherited emotions passed down to me from as far back as seven eight generations some of which I passed on to my own daughter. We did heart wall clearing and inherited heart wall clearing.

As a result, after my first session with Sarah my lower backache cleared. Over the weeks my knee pain and headaches cleared. Also with Emotional Code Sarah helped heal the very painful arthiritic little finger, which is not painful anymore. We  worked on and improved my urinary incontinence, which I suffered from for many years and is a very embarrassing subject to talk about.

Emotionally I feel calmer, more self-confident, self-assured and have a lot more clarity. I feel that I have moved on in my life due to Emotional Code.

I am very glad and grateful I have met Sarah. She is easy to talk to, understanding, genuinely warm, concerned, caring and a holistic Practitioner.

S Kelly