For a long time, it was thought that the brain was the most powerful organ in the body; today, welcome to the age of the heart.  The heart is the most electromagnetic organ in the body. It generates 60 – 100 times more power and electromagnetic energy than the brain.

The brain obeys the messages sent from the heart; scientists believe the heart is a second brain.

The subconscious mind is believed to layer up trapped emotional energy around the heart to help create an energetic protective barrier (heart wall) against further heartache during stressful times. This can be beneficial during these times. However, once you move on -  this barrier may cause restrictions in giving and receiving love, abundance, and happiness.

Many people talk of experiencing a new lease of life, a new sense of freedom, health, and happiness when they have an energetic 'heart wall' released. Many find new loving relationships, or the ones they are in dramatically improve!

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The heart not only can think for itself, but it also can remember things. There are many stories of organ transplants taking place, and the recipient would experience cravings that they had never had before that their donor used to have. Also, some recipients of organs would talk about memories they felt weren’t their own!

The most incredible story for me is the one about the 7-year-old girl who kept having nightmares about being killed after receiving a heart transplant from a child who had been murdered. Her dreams were so detailed descriptions led the authorities to the murderer and the murder weapon, and managed to have the murderer arrested and convicted.

If you have ever felt as though your heart is 'breaking', or you have been disconnected from those around you or blocked when it comes to giving or receiving love, there is a good chance you have a heart wall 'protecting' you.

The good news is that a heart wall can be quickly cleared and life-changing for many people. Years of depression can disappear, and many find new love and happiness from this simple release. Don't delay; remove your heart wall today!

How might your life improve if you didn't have emotional baggage holding you back?

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