Many years ago, I was offered a 'Distant Reiki' session. To be honest with you - I thought it was a con. Back then, I had yet to learn everything was connected and could not understand how this could work!

These days, I now have a better understanding that everything is energy and we are all connected.  I have loved learning about the quantum field and the universe's magic over the past few years.

A dear Quantum Healing Practitioner friend had read Dr Bradley Nelson's Emotion Code book and had been practising on herself, her family and her friends and thought I would find it interesting. She was right!

I immediately bought the book and chatted with my friend; she kindly offered me some sessions. The first trapped emotion I released was 'shock'; we didn't need to 'decode' anything, so we just released the emotional energy with the magnet and continued. I didn't feel anything but trusted that it had worked. We went on to release more,  some I could relate to, some I couldn't. Overall, I found the session very interesting!


As I read the Emotion Code book that evening, I had the images of something horrific I witnessed in 1993 (I was 19)  pop into my head again.  I will spare you the details. Over the years, these images occasionally popped up as I dropped off to sleep. My whole body would feel shocked in a split moment, and I would draw in a sharp breath.  I would have to focus on getting them out of my head again... it could take a while.

However, I found it interesting that the images popped up again this time, and I didn't respond at all. I found myself able to observe them without any emotional or physical reaction to them. I couldn't believe it?!

Finally, I was no longer feeling the shock reaction within my body; I felt calm.

I thanked my friend for the session and the universe for the synchronicity of showing me this whilst reading the book - I was hooked!!

We all have many trapped emotions affecting our lives.

I have spent time working on different areas of my life, and occasionally, I will have a session with another Emotion Code practitioner to help me delve deeper. Having another person do it for you is often easier than working on yourself!

I have come a long way over the last few years.  I can speak up for myself and articulate better what I am feeling, whereas before, I would suppress emotions or maybe overreact and stress for hours or days afterwards.

I have released a lot of emotional energy from past friendships and relationships; I no longer feel any pain or upset as I think about them and can remember our good times together. Many of my present relationships have blossomed, and a couple of others are slowly improving - the more I clear from myself.

We all go through massive shifts during our lifetime as we continue to grow and move in different directions, and many friendships and relationships develop and change; 2020 was a big year for so many people in this area.

After exploring more sessions with my friend, I practiced the Emotion Code for almost two years. I offered free sessions to friends, family, and others from my other passion, Somatics. is my movement website.

I wanted to learn more and took the official training with Dr. Bradley Nelson and his team.


I am now happy to offer professional sessions as a qualified practitioner and further spread this fantastic method.

The results people achieve consistently fascinate me; many release emotions from their childhood, things they had not thought about in years that would be holding them back. Some people have on-the-spot relief from pain and tension; some see extraordinary changes over days or months after the session(s) end.

I am always surprised how inherited and past-life trapped emotions affect us in this life without us realising it.

Every session is as unique as we are!



Over to you...

On my welcome page, I invited you to take a moment to breathe and allow someone to pop into your mind.

Did you feel any 'negative' emotions arise within you?  If so, there is a good chance you still have unprocessed emotional energy in your body.

Another way to notice if you have trapped emotional energy within you is to list any health issues you are experiencing and take a moment to think about when they may have started.

Did you experience anything stressful before or around that time? We have biological programs that respond to these stressful experiences. Many people can connect this knowledge with their current (or past) health conditions. The Emotion Code can help you discover trapped emotions you may not be fully aware of.

When people release the trapped emotional energy, they often report improvements in their health and well-being. I can help you discover where you may be holding trapped emotional energy, and we can release it together.

"Sarah has been working with myself and my little boy for the past 2 years. Whilst for us there was no sudden impact, as I know there can be for many others... We noticed small and continual shifts over time, until we then looked back at where we were and realised that those changes had become hugely significant. Sarah is fantastic at what she does and is very clued up on a lot of things! We love working with her and look forward to working with her for many years to come"

M. Kamali

"I have found it hugely helpful, like joining up the dots and making connections into the previously unknown, I feel more personally whole yet also part of the collective of infinity as well. Thank you for giving the gift of these sessions."


How might your life improve if you didn't have emotional baggage holding you back?

Contact me for a free consultation to see how I may be able to help.