Are you feeling troubled or out of balance? Do you feel you may have 'emotional baggage' holding you back?

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The Emotion Code is a simple holistic modality many people use to help release emotional energy imbalances from within their bodies.

There are thousands of wonderful Emotion Code testimonials from real people all over the world.

Many people share stories of how their relationships, health, and lives, in general, have improved dramatically. There are so many incredible stories of life-changing experiences.

E – Motion = Energy in Motion



Take a moment to pause, and breathe, allow someone to pop into your mind ...… Who is it?  Notice how you feel as you think about them.

It could be someone from way back in your past (how interesting that they chose to pop in), it could be a family member, a friend, or perhaps someone you met recently in person, online, or by telephone, or you may find yourself thinking of a place, a pet, a job, a circumstance, or event.

You may feel love, happiness, and joy as you think about them - notice how the energy flows through you and gradually dissipates.

However, if you feel any uncomfortable sensations arise, any 'negative' emotions, such as anger, fear, sadness, and heartache to name just a few, and you start to go over issues around this in your head again - or you spiral and start thinking about all the other times you've felt this way and it starts to create more stress - you may find you have some unprocessed trapped emotional energy.

Your physical body is reliving the emotional charge, your cells are having a response to this energy as you imagine them. When we process the energy fully, we can think about the moment and not have this mind, body stress reaction.

Unprocessed emotional energy from different experiences over our lifetimes can affect how we interact with others and the way we feel about ourselves.

We may start to develop physical aches and pains and health conditions. We may develop unhealthy relationships with others, or with food or other addictive substances.

Many people feel as though they are being held hostage by their emotions, however, many of us have no idea our emotions could be holding us back.

The Emotion Code helps to release these emotional charges without having to revisit the whole experience. It is safe, quick, effective, and easy to do.

It helps the body to move towards comfort and ease once again.  After experiencing the Emotion Code many say it is easier for them to process their emotions naturally as they experience them, they are better able to feel them and let them go - rather than trapping the emotional energy within.


Positive and Negative Emotions

We tend to label emotions, as positive or negative, good or bad. The truth is, all emotions are helpful and they all have a purpose.

We generally allow ourselves to experience emotions we label as 'positive', we allow the energetic charge created to pass through us unhindered and it dissipates, they are an enjoyable experience - we allow ourselves to feel them and we move on.

The emotions we label as  'negative' tend not to feel good, they can be overwhelming, we can try to suppress them or ignore them or think we will deal with them later.

However, when we do not allow these 'negative' energetic charges to be felt, the energy does not move through us like before.

As these unprocessed emotional energies accumulate within the body, problems may start to arise in many different forms.


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